Akame ga Kill!

Spoiler-free anime review


Akame ga Kill! is one of the most shallow shows I’ve ever watched. The plot isn’t too impressive. The characters have one-dimensional personalities with little backstory and there’s almost zero character development. Everything that unfolds, every character’s motivations and feelings and outcomes, are essentially meaningless. Things just happen in a way that allows you to watch simple, gory, tactical, epic clashes between cool personalities, with some other supporting content in between.

In my opinion, the first episode showed the most promise and only two or three other episodes were as appealing. Despite all the shortcomings of this show, I rate it 7 out of 10 overall because it provides unadulterated, mindless, action-packed entertainment without being pretensive about its purpose or trying to promise things it can’t deliver; sometimes this is desirable in a show.

Movie Moments: Train to Busan (2016)


Train to Busan (2016) is a Korean zombie movie that falls into my favorite category of mindless action. There’s nothing remarkable about it, and yet it’s the first zombie movie to:

  • make me feel *something* about multiple characters (usually there’s no context to, in my opinion).
  • think about real life at all. There’s a lot of serious good in this world that goes unnoticed. Most of it makes no difference in the long run; these contributions are lost within the span of days, years, or centuries. Even so, it’s something that within our lifetimes we can appreciate around us without necessarily seeing. Who knows which of your fellow train passengers might be heroes in a parallel universe?