Daft Punk

Music Spotlight: Digital Love


Daft Punk is an amazing electronic music duo, and I don’t even like the genre. They are highly influential, yet truly one of a kind. But instead of trying to poorly describe their discographic journey—a topic I have no expertise in—I’ll simply state that the biggest reason why they’re so cool is because they do only what they want to. (Well, obviously they produce some darn good stuff as a result of their process; that helps too.) They take as much time as they need. They won’t produce something they don’t want to. They’ll play and experiment and stay true to their interests, seemingly oblivious to the market expectation. I respect that a lot, because very few successful acts are able to do that. Or even in general, we live in a culture where more and more people are willing to sell out for money. I’ve always imagined myself to be one of those people, but ‘unfortunately’ I’ve never been in such a position to have that opportunity.

It’s often hard to categorize and label Daft Punk songs, but for lack of better description I’ll just say that I like some of their more ‘melodic’ and ‘ballad-like’ songs. I also like that they’re minimalistic with words and only use what they feel is necessary.

But my favorite song has to be “Digital Love.” The lyrics are so innocent and relatable:

Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I’m dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
The kind of feeling I’ve waited so long

Don’t stop, come a little closer
As we jam the rhythm gets stronger
There’s nothing wrong with just a little little fun
We were dancing all night long

The time is right
To put my arms around you
You’re feeling right
You wrap your arms around too
But suddenly I feel the shining sun
Before I knew it this dream was all gone

Oh, I don’t know what to do
About this dream and you
I wish this dream comes true

Oh, I don’t know what to do
About this dream and you
We’ll make this dream come true

Why don’t you play the game?
Why don’t you play the game?

In one possible interpretation, the song is about the apprehension and fear of making a move on one’s love interest. However, based on the song title and the last line, I’d say that it’s about an online love. Reference to a game is literal; a vague interpretation such as the game of dating would carry no meaning in response to “We’ll make this dream come true”, which sounds like at least half a resolution. The last line therefore implies that the person is waiting for the next encounter with their crush, which never happens within this song.

Digital Love is about a sense of romantic longing that is unresolved.

I like the song musically because there’s such a dreamy, hopeful, suspended feel to it that provides context for the impressionable lyrics.

Author: vtyw

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